Fakulteti Juridik

The best in the ranking process, with contemporary programs of study, an experienced academic body, experienced professors, lawyers of good reputation, law practitioners, prominent figures from the field of Justice, members or former members of the Supreme Court, Constitutional Court, with diverse activities that reliably prepare students for the labor market, the Faculty of Law in the European University of Tirana remains one of the best choices for students. It is regarded as one of the central branches of study in all levels: Bachelor, Professional Master or Master of Science, and PhD studies. Today, each entity and public institution, legal directorate, legal sector up to the various businesses is closely related to an attorney or lawyer. The Faculty of Law in UET offers programs of study based on the best contemporary models. The Faculty of Law in UET has strict and non-negotiable principles with regards to quality which are based in its philosophy. The spirit and methods of western universities interact with the Albanian experience, to influence and be adapted to it. Besides quality teaching, already documented and verified by the German company CHE, contracted to conduct the pilot process of ranking Universities in the country and which ranked UET in the first place of all law schools in the country, a special place in the Faculty of Law occupies the scientific journal "Jus & Justicia." The journal has also obtained the ISSN number which signifies international recognition and remains open for scientific legal articles for anyone, even students. The students of the Faculty of Law are trained periodically to put in practice all of their learning through the activities that take place in UET.


Prof. Dr. Nevila Nika



Private Law
Prepares students with additional knowledge regarding business law, commercial law, property law, contract law, etc., and lasting knowledge about the economic system, new economic forms etc.
Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hemion Braho

Full Time     Part Time 2017 - 2018
No. Name Surname Title/Grade   No. Name Surname Title Grade
1 Hemion Braho Prof. Asoc. Dr.   1 Ilir Mustafaj Prof. Dr.
2 Edi Spaho Prof. Asoc. Dr.   2 Irena Lavdari Dr.
3 Endirë Bushati Prof. Asoc. Dr.   3 Evelina Koldashi Msc
4 Juelda Lamçe Prof. Asoc. Dr.   4 Julia Hysa Msc
5 Dritan Egro Prof. Asoc. Dr        
6 Evelina Bach Jensen PhD        
7 Blerta Aliu Dr.        
8 Ardvin Kraja Doktorant        
9 Brikena Mile Msc.        
10 Orgent Nazaj Msc.        
11 Irena Binjaku Msc.        
12 Silvana Çala Msc.        

devider1Public Law
Prepares students with a deep understanding of public law, constitutional law, administrative law, and their relationships with the political system.
Head of Department: Prof. Asoc. Dr. Erjona Canaj


Full Time     Part Time 2017 - 2018
No. Name Surname Title/Grade   No. Name Surname Title Grade
1 Erjona Canaj Prof. Asoc. Dr   1 Sokol Berberi Dr.
2 Adrian Papajani Prof. Dr.   2 Spiro Spiro Senior
3 Sofjana Veliu Dr.        
4 Redion Luli PhD        
5 Ervin Sulko Dr.        
6 Ledina Shkurti PhD        
7 Sofjana Veliu Dr.        
  Anton Lulgjuraj Msc.        

Research Center “Ligji, Norma dhe Tradita”

Conducts interdisciplinary studies on society, the effects of law and tradition on it, as well as the connection with the economic and social development of the country.
Head of Center: Prof. Dr. Nevila Nika

Full Time  
Nr. Emër mbiemër Titulli/Grada
1 Nevila Nika
Prof. Dr.
2 Ervis Iljazaj PhD
3 Bisej Kapo Msc
4 Viktor Merkuri Msc