Career counseling

The European University of Tirana has as its priority preparing qualified students for the labor market, supporting and following their career step by step.
The Career Office performs a variety of functions closely associated with providing opportunities for students, during the time of their studies, so that they are able to build their own network of knowledge for easy integration in the labor market, but also following them even after their studies.
Among its functions we can mention: It follows and organizes students’ career issues; Provides students advice and guidance regarding professional career orientation and development; Cooperates closely with faculty departments for the organization and continuation of students' professional practices; Maintains communication with the Job Market Boards to attract ideas on degrees’ compliance with the job market, and to facilitate the internship practice; Prepares proposals for curriculum changes and improvements and submits them for approval to the relevant structures/bodies; It is responsible for organizing job fairs; Maintains ongoing relationships with associations or other alumni organizations and supports them in their operation.

Who hires UET graduates?
Students and graduates in UET are among the most sought in the labor market. One of our strengths is the extensive possibility of internships, which is a priority in the labor market. This is a short list of those who confide in our students:

Private companies
Vodafone, AMC, Eagle Mobile, Albtelecom, Plus, CEZ, KESH, INSIG, Raiffeisen Bank, Intesa San Paolo Bank, Tirana Bank, British American Tobacco, Sigal, Deloitte & Touche, etj.
Public administration
Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Integration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, etc. Tirana Municipality, Elbasan Municipality, Korca Municipality, Municipality of Shkodra, INSTAT, the General Directorate of Customs, etc.

Top Channel, Panorama newspaper, MAPO, KLAN, Vizion Plus, TVSH, Shqip newspaper, Gazeta Shqiptare newspaper, TV Scan, News 24, Ora News, etc.
Diplomatic representation
Italian Embassy, Peace Corps / US Embassy, Greek Embassy, Spanish Embassy.
Independent institutions
The High Council of Justice, State Supreme Audit, Supreme Court, Ombudsman, etc.

Job market boards
A pioneering idea at UET is the operation for 3 years of the job market boards. These boards consist of 7 members, part of important institutions or actors of the job market, who twice a year consult during a department-wide meeting with professors and heads of the university to reflect on our programs the most dynamic, concrete, and useful content in relation to what goes on in real life. The job market boards are a meeting point for employment, professional practices, and internships.

Job fair
UET is the only university in Albania that organizes a Job Fair every year. There is a participation of over 60 companies, some of the largest in Albania, which conduct job interviews with UET students. About 25% of the students, who have participated in the Job Fair organized by UET, have been hired by the participating companies.