Student Activities and Clubs

Description of student clubs in UET
UET’s student clubs conduct various social, artistic, cultural, and even academic activities to enrich student life, but also as an opportunity for hands-on application of the knowledge they’ve gained and showcasing their talents.

- The Art Club brings together students passionate about photography, painting, etc.  At focus is organizing activities like painting exhibitions in UET, mural paintings as the club's contribution to the community, as well as the Student Magazine in UET.
Contact person: Ermelinda Hoxha, Olgert Rakipllari
Club Mentor: Kled Kapexhiu

- The "Kadare" book club. Critical discussions on various books as well as increased interest in old publications and new publications are the focus of this club. The books recommended in the club are not only academic books, but also fiction.
Contact person: Erjon Uka, Egon Loli
Club Mentor: Lulzim Hoxha, Doctoral Student

- The Debate and Philosophy Club "Bertrand Russell" conducts text or paper readings by renowned philosophers, conducts organized discussion groups on certain theses of philosophers or even on various documentaries that promote philosophical thought. The club also conducts trainings and debates respecting the basic rules of debate, and review debates with the relevant literature to improve debating skills among students.
Contact person: Adela Danaj
Club Mentor: Besart Kadia, Doctoral Student; Klementin Mile, Doctoral Student.

- The Hayek Club and the Keynes club are student organizations who respectively believe in liberal ideas or non-liberal ideas for the development of economy and market.
- The Psychologists Club brings together not only psychology students, but other students with an interest in psychology. Some of the club’s activities are: open meetings with various guests in the field of psychology, visits in various institutions such as orphanages, elderly homes, rehabilitation centers, schools, kindergartens, etc., as well as the development of group therapies and role play.
Contact person: Mimoza Prengzaj
Club Mentor: Albana Kereci

- The Energy & Explorer Club organizes different celebrations and travels. Now it is almost a tradition in UET the organization of different celebrations/parties at the beginning of the academic year, a Welcome party at the end of the exam season, etc. Also UET students organize trips in and outside the country.
Contact person: Visar Xheta
Club Mentor: Fleura Shkëmbi, Doctoral Student

- The Economicus Club was formed by students of the Faculty of Economics. The activity of the club is to visit Albanian businesses, to consider them as case studies, to understand further how a business is created, functions, and grows. The club organizes debates and roundtables to develop discussions on businesses, with the participation of professors/lecturers, students, and business representatives.
Contact person: Eda Begaj
Club Mentor: Elona Shehu, Doctoral Student

-"Giddens" Sociology Club is inspired by the definition of the science of sociology as a "generalized science that deals with modernity". The participating students conduct conversations on problems, trends, various issues, and social institutions.

- The Young Lawyers' Club has as goal and part of its work the promotion and organization round tables, work groups, seminars, conferences at the national and local level, as well as visiting the most important institutions related to the field of law like: the Serious Crimes Court, the Parliament of the Republic of Albania, etc.
Contact person: Kejsi Rizo
Club Mentor: Hemion Braho, PhD

- The Informatics Club brings together mainly IT students, but also students who have interests in software programs, websites creation, social networks developments and mobile applications.

- The Sports Club pays special attention to various sporting activities that enrich students’ life in UET. The club includes all students who are fond of: Yoga, soccer, volleyball, and basketball.
Contact person: Iden Petraj, Arsonela Ruci, Erjon Uka
Club mentor: Fleura Shkëmbi, Doctoral Student

- FRESSH, LRI and FRPD scholarship networks enable all students who have leadership skills and aspire or support any of the above political forces to get together and discuss or organize various activities. Their focus is also the discussions on the different platforms of each political force or even the presence of well-known personalities in the auditorium.
Contact persons: Endër Mërtiri (FRESSH), Fabjan Doma (FRPD), Alfred Alstafa (LRI)
Club mentor: Dr. Arbi Agalliu