Apply dor Scholarships

The European University of Tirana accords every year a limited number of scholarships available to students. Currently in UET there are over 500 students benefiting from full or partial scholarships.

Excellence Scholarships
We encourage and aid excellent students with scholarships. In accordance to the results of the previous year, every year we award scholarships for excellent students. Excellence Scholarships not only assess students' achievements, but also drive competition in the interest of increasing student level preparation.

Talent scholarships
We support students who show inclination and manage to catch the eye in various fields like: art, politics, sport, and science. To stimulate their work and dedication, UET accords Talent Scholarships that will be of assistance to young talented students.

Social Scholarships
We are mindful of the difficulties that certain groups face in the realization of their graduate studies. We try to give our contribution towards society by according Social Scholarships for those in need, sometimes also in collaboration with other social and institutional actors.

Leadership scholarships
We believe that changes in society will come from the active young people that engage and want to engage even further in the development of society. UET supports them by offering the Leadership Scholarship.

Apply for a Scholarship!
This year UET will award a total of 100 scholarships for students, taking in consideration dedication towards study.

Application Criteria
For the Excellence Scholarship – List of grades
For a Talent & Leadership Scholarship – artistic CV, certificate of social and political engagement, attached to other relevant certificates or documents
For a Social Promotion Scholarship – Family certificate, documents that certifies the specific social status (pension, unemployment, disability, insufficient income etc.)

Re-application criteria
I. Fulfillment of the required number of work hours from the scholarship recipient (full scholarship – 150 hours; half scholarship – 75 hours; ¾ of the scholarship – 100 work hours). This process must be certified via a transaction kept for each scholarship recipient during the academic year.
II. Maintaining the grade point average (social & talent scholarships - average over 7; scholarships of excellence – maintain the grade point average upon which the scholarship is approved; leadership scholarships - average over 8). This certified by the list of grades that the scholarship student will receive at the end of the academic year.