UET offers you the possibility to study with the best Albanian professors as well as with many foreign visiting professors from the best universities of Europe and the U.S. with which UET has partnership agreements. Join our students and become part of the active academic life, international experiences, and labor market contacts during your years of study. Join us to have access to all the possibilities and facilities that studying in UET offers. Plan your future starting with the Bachelor programs that the three faculties of UET offer.

Student’s Academic Obligations
Attendance of the teaching process (lectures, colloquiums, lectures/seminars, seminars/labs) in first-cycle study (Bachelor) courses is obligatory to the extent of 60% (sixty percent). This attendance is a prerequisite for access in the final exams.

Thesis defense is the final step for graduation. The defense is done by presenting a Bachelor thesis or by sitting a final general exam.
The Bachelor program thesis must be an original work between 9000 and 10000 words. The student is not expected to conduct a thorough study in the field or contribute to a theoretical/conceptual debate, but the student should be able to apply a given model/theory in a particular case, based entirely in secondary sources/literature. The object of this thesis is to show the student’s ability in gathering and evaluating information, analyzing theoretically the facts gathered, as well as presenting the reached conclusion in an academic format. The thesis is done with the help of a supervising professor who guides the student until the finalization of the bachelor thesis.

Programs in licensing process by MASH

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