About UET Press

UET Press is the publishing house of the European University of Tirana. Its mission is the embodiment of knowledge and latest achievements in the field of academic research. For this, we take care to make part of our publications the best textbooks, which ensure quality teaching process, enrich and deepen knowledge gained in auditoriums, serve to build platforms for scientific and academic debate, or promote an active interaction with professors.  
In order to fulfill these objectives, the majority of UET Press publications are translations of university textbooks of the best foreign publishing houses that operate in the world market. UET’s Publishing Council, under some very strict selection criteria, chooses the titles for publication. These publications contribute to everyone: new students and students with more academic goals in the master's or doctoral levels; professors and researchers; professionals in the field and lovers of reading. Following this dynamic of development, our publications are shaping an increasingly qualitative current in the flow of the Albanian intellectual thought.

‎The collections of university publications are periodically enriched also with Albanian authors, professors and specialists of the relevant fields, whose works serve as basic textbooks or additional literature not only in UET, but also in many other universities or educational institutions throughout the Albanian speaking territories. All of our authors are the best experts of the field.
Aside from publishing academic textbooks, UET Press twice a year publishes also five scientific journals, the bodies of the faculties and scientific research centers in UET: "Jus & Justicia", "Economicus", "Polis", "Sociologycal Analysis" and "Educatio".

In addition to this, the most outstanding figures of Albanian journalism have responded to UET’s invitation to publish with UET Press, like, Preç Zogaj, Sabri Hamiti, Spartak Ngjela, Baton Haxhiu, Blendi Fevziu, Sokol Balla, or even politicians authors and artist authors who have given our publications not only diversity and interest, but have also provided different perspectives and realities for the Albanian reader.

The activity of the Publishing House has started in the early days of the establishment of the university, in 2007.
UET Press publications are divided in various collections, and the main place is taken by the curriculum collection which features also translations of university textbooks necessary for students and professionals and used as basic or supplementary texts in the curricula of the three levels: bachelor, master, and PhD.

  1. Collection: Scripta manent
  2. Collection: Thesis
  3. Collection: Curriculum
  4. Collection: Monographs, essays, studies
  5. Collection: Scientific journals
  6. Collection: Albums